10 good reasons to become a Trevi Partner

1. Develop your property portfolio

Thanks to the Trevi Partner network, develop quickly your property portfolio:

Structured business exchange system

Shared portfolio of more than 5,000 properties

Display your properties on 32 websites

Prospection of networking promoters and continuous adaptation of our professions in the real estate market


2. Updated and necessary documents for your daily work

The world changes constantly. The Trevi Partner real estate network offers services and concrete tools through an intranet website focusing on real estate (marketing tools, contracts, advertising framework, and business intelligence).


3. Participate in decision-making

The Trevi real estate network is a participative brand, where decision-makers are partners who involve network members in decision making, allowing you to know in which direction you are actually going.


4. Reasonable investment

The Trevi real estate network, allows you to set up your real estate agency project with a very reasonable initial investment. (The financial conditions of our network are very attractive and non-related to turnover).


 5. National reputation and visibility

The Trevi real estate network improves your reputation thanks to its impressive multimedia advertising program (internet, radio, newspapers, direct marketing, etc.).

Furthermore, its professional communications in the real estate market, such as the Trevi index or costs barometer, are backed by major national media).


6. Reputation

The positive echo given by prescribers (notaries, lawyers, institutions and media) about the TREVI network allows you to start a business negotiation in complete confidence with your clients who are also business owners.


7. Common project management

Trevi network offers support in your business development. You benefit from expert advice on how to get started and grow, while being in control of your own business.


8. New skills

For over 30 years, Trevi has been active in the residential and corporate real estate markets, where it has gained expertise in the domains of brokerage, new real estate, trustee management, real estate expertise and insurance. Trevi shares its know-how with the members of its network.


9. Cost control

The Trevi Partner network strives constantly to cut the costs of its members through centralized group purchases (media advertising support, computer hardware, software, cars, insurance, etc.).


10. Exclusive territory

Based on an objective market research and your personal network, we define together the exclusive territory where you will operate.