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Within the Trevi Partner Network, our main objective consists of putting our expertise at your service in order to optimize the sale or rental of your property. Each expert partner of our network will assess your property in a complete, honest and realistic way. 



In a trustful relationship, the sale or rental of your property will be managed by a single point of contact. Thanks to a considerable portfolio of potential clients (probably the largest in Belgium) and an efficient IT system, we will send out a targeted mailing directly to those clients.

We will set up an advertising program adapted to your property.

Visits will be conducted by qualified negotiators.

Your property will be followed up on a daily basis, with a concrete monthly activity report, as well as ongoing interaction for the negotiations follow-up.



Our certified experts respect the professional code of ethics as outlined by the professional institute of real estate agents (IPI).

For each real estate transaction, we provide full legal and financial security, including a fair negotiation, clear and fair contracts, as well as a financial plan for each buyer or tenant candidate.

For each real estate transaction, we will provide you support until the final deed.



By common agreement, we proceed to the direct display of your property. It will be online, not only on the 32 Trevi Partner agencies, but also on our national website:

We publish your property on major websites.

We always communicate under the name Trevi Partner in major national and regional press groups from the North and the South of the country.



National popularity: thanks to our quarterly real estate index publishing, institutions and media frequently ask us advice about market developments. Our TREVI index is constantly published in major national newspapers.

Local popularity: as an actor in the field, each Trevi Partner has created partnerships with banks, notaries and lawyers. Each one of our partners is recognized as such and known in the region.



Sell or rent your property thanks to the Trevi partner network, allows you to combine the two necessary ingredients for a successful real estate transaction. The first one is about the necessity of having a local player who knows the market, while the second one is about a national network able to broadcast your property as widely as possible. Our network, unlike others, has been developed on our own initiative, from independent estate agents who are passionate about their job and want to satisfy their clients in every region. Trevi allows you to combine the strength of a network with the flexibility of independence.